Hanging Around the House

When David and I went to Memphis to see Parker and Baby Coley we went by Aunt Connie’s office at the FedEx hub. We saw a couple of model spaceships they had on display and then took a little trip to the “gift shop”. There was a mat with a whole little FedEx distribution center on it and all the cars, vans, big rigs, and planes to go with it. He laid down right in the floor and started playing with it. Since he’s not spoiled at all, Connie and I got him the whole set to take home. It’s too cold to do anything else today, so we’ve been playing with his new FedEx toys all day long! He loves crashing the big rigs into everything in site. I’m pretty sure that he’d never get hired at FedEx as a delivery man. His insurance would be through the roof! He can’t make it a foot without crashing into five things!


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