Adventure Journal: Baseball Game!

We went to the baseball game today.

David loves going because there is plenty of dirt and gravel to put in his dump truck.

He was so filthy when we left that we’ll probably have to bathe him twice to get all the dirt off. His face was covered in dust even though we cleaned it two different times.

LML and I had a good time, too. He made burgers and hot dogs on the grill, and we ate them with  chips and potato salad.

Ole Miss was down 5 to 4 in the top of the ninth, but tied it up to go into extra innings. We won in the bottom of the 11th with a 379-yard home run that hit some clueless chick in the head. While Stuart went to get the car, David and I watched them take her off in an ambulance. (I was watching because I’m nosy. He was watching because the lights were flashing on the ambulance.) One of the Ole Miss staff members was nice enough to come and get the ball and have the hitter sign it for her. Hardly compensation for a concussion and a massive headache, but she shouldn’t have been reading that magazine when game was on the line. What?

Ole Miss swept Indiana State this weekend! Go Rebs!


One thought on “Adventure Journal: Baseball Game!

  1. Wow!! That was an exciting game!! Glad the Rebs won!! I’m absolutely lovin’ your blog. Thanks for doing it for those of us who can’t see the wonder child every day – – -oh, yeah – – -and you and Stu, too!!

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