Orange Scented Chocolate Cream Cups

These are the little desserts that I made for Valentine’s Day dinner. I made more of them yesterday. They’re just so yummy! I have to do a speech tonight on “how to do something”, so I’m going to explain how to make these cups. I just thought I’d show off a picture of the yumminess.

Per Connie’s request, here is the recipe for the chocolate cups.

For the record, I used milk chocolate instead of bittersweet. I’ve also made them with cream cheese instead of mascarpone. They’re amazing either way!


3 thoughts on “Orange Scented Chocolate Cream Cups

  1. Am I missing something or did you fail to include the recipe in your post?!?!?!?!!!! Those look delicious but for pete’s sake tell us how to make them!!! Yes, I know I can’t have them until I lose about 80 more pounds but give me something to look forward to!!

  2. I just read the recipe. Oh my gosh!!! If I wasn’t on this blasted diet . . .well, I wouldn’t make them myself but I’d be in my car on my way to Water Valley and get you to make me some!! I hope David some day realizes how fortunate he is to have two parents who are great cooks/chefs/eaters, etc., etc.

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