Fun at the Park

David and I played in the yard for a while this morning. He played in the dirt and I did homework, then we went for a walk down to the end of the street. When we got back, we packed up and went to the park. David went down the slide by himself (something I’ve never seen before), and then went down the tunnel slide all by himself.After about the 20th time of picking him up so he could get to the slide, I taught him how to climb up the ladders all by himself! He had a really great time, and the weather is phenomenal today! I think we’ll go back to the park when he wakes up from his nap. It’s too nice to be cooped up in the house doing homework, even if that IS what I really need to be doing.


One thought on “Fun at the Park

  1. Great pictures!! He’s surely one adorable boy. Your mom said you sent an email that you had pictures on some other site. I don’t think I got that email from you. Is it these same pics? If it’s not, give me the url – -I don’t want to miss any pictures of the wonder child.

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