Playdate at Volta

We met some friends at Volta for a little Mommy get together. Of course, the kiddies had a great time running around on the patio and making tons of noise, but the best part was actually having “big girl” conversation in the middle of the day with all my friends! Of course, no one wants to hear about that…they just want to see pictures of the FAB children!

I do want to say this, though. There was terrible mother sitting at another table who was FREAKING out about her kid playing with our children. She kept apologizing and saying things like “I’m sorry. He’s obsessing and it’s making me crazy.” Hello! He’s a little kid. He sees other kids playing and having fun, of COURSE he wants to join in. We didn’t mind him playing with us. She just kept wigging out and making him go sit back down at the table. Dang, lady. He just wanted to make friends. Calm down and let the kid have some fun!

Picture descriptions:
1. David “chillin'” in the van on the way to “go see Seamus!”
2. Val and Seamus talking to David.
3. David playing in the potted tree on the patio.
4. Lucy giggling at me making silly noises.
5. David and Seamus playing together in the potted tree on the patio.


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