Memorial Day Camping Trip

Stuart’s parents invited us to go camping with them and their friends Robin and Denny on Memorial Day weekend at Grenada Lake. Since I had to work on Friday and Saturday, we drove the twenty minutes on Sunday to join them. We took David to the swimming area at the lake and he and Stuart had a fabulous time playing in the water. ( I don’t do lake water. I think it’s disgusting and I can’t handle all that stuff between my toes or the thought of what exactly other people are putting into that water. My OCD can’t handle it.) David LOVES being in and around the water, so he had a great playing with Daddy. When we got back from swimming (and I had a shower just because I was NEAR the icky water) we lounged around the campsite a while. David played with his toys, namely an OLD SCHOOL Fisher Price camper set and a newer camper that Bev got for him, while I read and Stuart “rested his eyes”. We made some dinner and then Tony pulled out the guitar for a little music by the campfire. He sang some Old MacDonald for David, and a few other folky songs for the grownups. We really enjoyed the time we spent there. I didn’t really want to go home. It was so relaxing. We tried to give David a haircut while we were there, but he was having NO part of it. He was jerking around and crying and putting up a HUGE fight, so we gave up. His hair was so chopped up and there were chunks missing in places it shouldn’t be missing, so I came home and we shaved his head. He looks like a total boy now. The baby face has disappeared.
I should comment on the picture of David with the little stuffed dog. The dog’s name is Jack. People keep telling Bev that she needs a dog. Bev does not like dogs…at all…for any reason. So, she went out and bought Jack. He snores when he is sleeping, he will growl like he’s playing when you pull on the little toy rope in his mouth, and he barks. David LOVES this dog. He talks to Jack, makes sure that Jack sees the boats on the water, and those that are riding behind campers and trucks. He LOVES Jack like he has NEVER loved Cocoa. He chases poor Cocoa around the house with plastic hangers, his bat, his golf club, and pretty much anything else that is big and threatening…but he LOVES Jack. And it’s SO sweet to watch him play with Jack.


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