The Kids at the Zoo

Connie and I took David and Will to the zoo while the big kids and their parents went tubing on the Current River. They LOVED the zoo. That first picture is David sitting right next to a mountain lion. Of course, there is a thick sheet of glass between them, but I thought it was really cool he was THAT close to the mountain lion and it didn’t DO anything. She was just chillin’ looking up at us every couple of minutes to see what we were doing. After we ate lunch we got the boys some ice cream and sat on a park bench while they ate. They’re looking up one of the pictures because (of course) a plane was flying overhead. And we couldn’t get through the zoo without getting a good shot of Connie with the boys. I’m going to have to add another blog to put in all the other cute pix of them wearing me and Connie out!


One thought on “The Kids at the Zoo

  1. The one of David and Will sitting on the bench, eating ice cream as they look up at a plane in the sky is now my wallpaper on my home computer. Thanks for posting all these. I’m going to go back and probably save almost every one of them on a cd or my hard drive. Stu sure picked you out a winner camera. Keep us posted on how the police do recovering the rest of your stuff. I sure am glad you got your laptop back.

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