Morning Update on Debate

I just talked to my friend, Emily, who is interning with CBS this week for a debate class she is taking. She said there are camera crew all over the place. I already saw a CNN report from the front of the Gertrude Ford Center this morning. I’m getting ready to go into town and check it all out. Of course I’ll have the camera, recording it all for posterity.

On earlier, I read that McCain wants to postpone the VP debate scheduled for Oct. 2 in Missouri. He is suggesting that the first presidential debate be delayed until that date, and should occur on the date of the scheduled VP debate. He then wants to have the VP debate between Palin and Biden here in Oxford at “a later date”.

Vice Chancellor Gloria Kellum was just interviewed by CNN. She says that they are planning for the debate to go on as scheduled. The interviewer asked her if they were willing to let Obama talk and be questioned during the debate if McCain doesn’t show, and she said they are not creating a contingency plan. They fully expect McCain to show up.

I’ll keep you all updated as the day goes on.


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