Water Valley Home Burns

I was in the office this afternoon studying when I heard a strange popping noise. It sounded like there was something rolling around in the dryer and I knew the dryer wasn’t on (why would I do laundry when I can read Beowulf?), so I went to investigate. From the laundry room window I could see a huge cloud of smoke coming from the street behind our house. As I looked closer, I could see huge flames through our bamboo forest. Since being nosy runs in my family (don’t ya’ll be offended, you know it’s true), I jumped in the car to check it out. The house across the street from the house directly behind us was in flames. I got a couple of pictures with my cell phone camera, but by the time I got there, the blaze was mostly under control. I did, however, see the guy from our local paper on the scene with his camera, so I’ll give you all the details on Thursday when the paper comes out.


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