Just One Bite

Stuart and I haven’t really been fishing since our trip to upstate New York in 2004.  We didn’t want to exert the energy to go get liscenses.  We had no idea what it entailed but assumed that, since it was a liscense, it had to be a pain in the neck to deal with.   I mean, who wants to spend all that time going through a bunch of bureaucratic red tape to get a liscense to go on a trip where you may or may not come home with dinner, right?  Well, it turns out it wasn’t hard to get at all!  Stuart got his liscense at Walmart last weekend before we went camping with Tony and Beverly.  He just told the guy he wanted a fishing liscense, the guy took his liscense, swiped it in a machine, and it spit out the liscense.  And it was only $9!  So this morning we decided that I needed one, too, and the trip to Walmart’s sporting good section was just as painless as Stuart said it was.  Now I’m fully liscensed to carry my new, pink rod and reel. Fish beware!!!

It was ridiculously hot today (as are most sumer days here in the Crooked Letter), so we waited until a little after six o’clock to go out to Enid.  Although the sun was retreating and it wasn’t nearly as hot as it had been earlier this afternoon, it was still scorching.  It was still too hot to even think about being outside and we were sweating like pigs after five minutes, but we wanted to fish, and there wasn’t a whole lot that was going to stop us (not even the monster mosquitos, which were practically the same size as David).  We clambered down the rocks to the edge of the water, poles in hand, and got right to it. 

David didn’t last very long.  Since he’s only 5 years old and has no patience whatsoever, he can’t just cast the line out and then chill.  He cast the line, then asked us to watch his bobber while he A) filled an old Coke bottle with rocks and dirt B)screamed at us because he “need[ed] to show [us] something!!!!” and C)threw rocks into the water near where we are fishing, thus chasing away our scaly, would be victims. 

About thirty minutes into our evening on the lake, I got my line snagged in a little bush at the edge of the water.  Stu came to help me untangle it, then decided he wanted to try out my new rod.  Originally, I had a little red spinner on my line, but traded it out for a floating lure because the fish were near the surface of the water, jumping up to eat the bugs as they landed on it.  He cast the line out once.  Nothing.  He cast the line out a second time and when the lure was about three feet from the bank, a big fish jumped up, attempted to swallow our bait–and missed.  He cast the line out a couple more times, but I guess the fish had gotten wise to our game and fled the scene.

That was our only bite today at Enid.  I think we’re going to go out to Cossar State Park tomorrow and try ouir luck there.  Stuart seems to think that there’s a dock there we can fish from.  And that’s fine by me; I’ll be able to sit in my chair and read my book while I’m waiting for dinner to take the bait.  Y’all stay tuned.  Maybe tomorrow you’ll get to read about the disgusting art of cleaning fish! 


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