Update: Moose Escapes Canadian Gift Shop, Sighted in Memphis

Soul Matey investigators have uncovered information on the activities of Moosey, the 6-inch stuffed moose who escaped from a Canadian gift shop earlier this month.

Sources say that Connie Snow, of Memphis, helped the moose escape from a gift shop on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls on Wednesday, July 7th.  Moosey was smuggled across the border to a camp in Cato, NY where the woman’s family is believed to have been vacationing.  He was then placed  in the care of David Seaman, 5, of Water Valley, MS, who snuck him home to Mississippi in the family’s minivan.

There were no moose sightings for nearly two weeks, and our investigators believed the trail had gone cold until they received an anonymous tip that Moosey and David were spotted at Gigi’s Cupcakes in Memphis, TN.  This  photo was snapped by a concerned citizen who claimed that the pair “ate cherry limeade and birthday surprise flavored treats and had a bloody fantastic time of it.”

Soon after the sighting at Gigi’s, pictures of Moosey and David began rolling in from all over the Memphis area.  Pictures and descriptions follow.


We believe that Moosey and David have now left the Memphis area and returned David’s home in Mississippi.  The pair was spotted on Friday morning at the University-Oxford airport, and investigators were unable to determine if the pair boarded any aircraft, though one plane took off shortly after their arrival.

Stay tuned to Soul Matey for updates on the search for the 6-inch moose as they become available.


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