Gimme the Sweet Stuff

Wherein I could not, would not make a choice and it would take you and a slew of Dr. Seuss characters to make me.

Cake or Death? Oh, wait...

I love desserts. I come from a family of dessert lovers. Nana’s coconut cake, Aunt Dorothy’s pineapple upside-down cake, and Mama’s pumpkin pie were staples of family get togethers and holidays.

Today, Thanksgiving or Christmas without my mother-in-law’s sweet potato bread would be devastating, and I still can’t function during the holidays without pumpkin AND apple pie.

I have such wonderful, comforting memories with cake AND pie that I’d never be able to choose a favorite. What I eat depends on what I’m in the mood for, where I am, what season it is, and what’s available to me at the time it’s to be consumed. Which reminds me, there’s a key lime tart in the fridge. Well, gotta bounce!

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