I’m Reading Your Favorite Books: an Unfinished Project Gets a New Start

A couple of years ago, I posted a status on Facebook telling my friends that if they’d post their favorite books in the comments section, I’d read it. Here’s that post:

I had to take two screen shots, I couldn’t fit the whole post into one image.

At any rate, I created this list on Goodreads and added all the books that people suggested. The list is the result of several additional Facebook posts, but I didn’t remember that until I started digging through my timeline. I’ll spare you all of them since you have the link to the list.

Once I started the endeavor, I had a hard time sticking to it because I didn’t enjoy some of the books enough to finish them. Eventually, I just quit even trying to make it through the list because I didn’t like the pressure I had put on myself to complete each book.  I love my friends dearly, and I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by admitting I had given up on their favorite book.

But I’ve decided I’m going to give each book on the list another shot, taking the pressure off myself this time.  I’ll read the first three chapters of each book on the list. If it doesn’t grab my attention by then, I’m moving on to the next book.  Wait, I don’t mean  EVERY book.  I’m not attempting Suttree or Possession again. Those were life suckers. (Sorry JT and Clarabella.) 

I only have 45 books on the list, and I’ve finished some of them already, so surely this shouldn’t take long, right? I’ll keep you all posted on my progress and if you have a book you think I’d enjoy, let me know! I’ll add it to the list, too!

Wish me luck! Here I go!

I’m starting with a book called “The Shack.” It was recommended by someone whose taste in literature is fairly in line with my own, so maybe it’ll be something I can get into.

Three chapters.

Stay tuned.

[UPDATE: (10/16) For the record, the person who I believed to have recommended The Shack was NOT the person who actually recommended it. Which means that I have NO idea whether I’ll like the book or not! I guess we’ll all find out soon enough!]

[UPDATE 2: (10/16) This whole project is getting off on the wrong foot! I just went to get my copy of  The Shack off the bookshelf and it’s GONE! I *may* have purged it when I donated a bunch of books to the local literacy council a couple of weeks ago, though I don’t remember. SO! I’ve ordered The Shack, Confederacy of Dunces, and Go Ask Alice from PaperbackSwap. I ordered War and Peace for my Kindle, so I suppose I’ll start with the most daunting first! Let’s DO this!]


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