Ringing in the New Year

This was a New Year’s Eve of firsts!

This year, Stuart, ever the pyromaniac, decided that this was the year he’d pass on his knowledge to David, who has never been more excited about anything in his life.  Now, I know that it’s actually daytime in these pictures, but we knew it was going to storm after dark.  So, in broad daylight, the boys set out to blow up all the things.


New adventures require the Indy hat. And sometimes, wellies.



This was also the first year that David was allowed to stay up until midnight, so I made some fun activities for him and some friends who were at the party we attended. I put little activities in these cute little bags and we did one each hour until midnight.


We started with a movie and popcorn, which lasted for about 30 minutes before the kids were tired of sitting still. Later, we made party hats and noisemakers to use to ring in 2013.



By the time the third craft rolled around, we were all pretty much over the crafting, so we went outside to start the fireworks extravaganza. In a constant drizzle–the weather was just atrocious once it got dark.


We took Dave home just after midnight, even though he swore he wasn’t the least bit sleepy. It took him about 30 seconds to pass out after he got in bed.

It was quite a lovely way to ring in the new year!



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