February’s Follies

February was a busy month for us, and March doesn’t promise to be any more relaxing. Big things are happening in the Seaman family!

Our favorite local joint, the Crawdad Hole, started serving up oysters this month. We’ve been taking advantage of their lovely little dining room, brown bagging champagne and vodka and beer and enjoying Friday afternoons with our favorite locals. It’s a new tradition I hope will continue throughout the year.


Valentine’s Day was very special  this year. Instead of having a traditional Valentine’s Day party at school, David’s class went to a local nursing home to pass out handmade cards and play bingo with some of the residents. But the kids did exchange treats when they got back to class.

poppin vday

The Tiger Scouts were responsible for the opening ceremony at the pack meeting this month. David carried the flag and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. (Sorry that top picture’s blurry. It’s the only one I took.)



I started crocheting this month. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and taught myself (sort of). I’m still learning, but I’m having a great time. Now, if I could only figure out the art of granny squares…




This month was also the annual auction at David’s school. We worked our tails off to get everything ready and we had the biggest year ever, raising $37,000!

auction decor

stu mask

auction couple

I got crazy this month and whacked all my hair off. Now I have a cute little red pixie cut and I can’t believe I ever fooled with blow drying, straightening, etc. It takes 2 minutes to do my hair every morning and I couldn’t be happier with it.


David’s Spanish teacher selected his poster to represent the school at a state contest! He got a trophy and awesome letter, and we can’t wait to see his work!



And if that wasn’t awesome enough, he placed first in his division in the Pinewood Derby! He placed 3rd in the open division; his car slipped off the track in the next to last round. But Stu timed all the cars and David’s was the second fastest of the day! At one point, the dad of an older cub scout mentioned that David’s car was super fast this year and that we still had SEVERAL years to make cars. He could be UNSTOPPABLE by the time he graduates to Boy Scouts! (Please notice in the bottom photo how much older the first and second place winners are!)





Finally, February’s obligatory cat photos!


valentines cat

big face


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