Agreeable April


The manic Mississippi weather still drove us a little crazy in April, but the rain finally let up enough for us to enjoy some warmer temperatures and fun outdoor activities.

David and I hit Avent Park and Sno-Biz to celebrate the end of a week-long ban on digital media. I’m having a hard time waiting for summer break; I’m excited about having lots of afternoons like this.


Claire and I went to the Butch Anthony opening reception at Yalo Studio. The art was unique, to say the least, and I wanted to buy most of the pieces. Here are a few favorites.


IMG_5066 (2)


When we got home from the gallery, there was a dance party in the kitchen.


We had our first truly amazing spring day in April, which instigated an impromptu cookout with some of our Water Valley friends.

(Photo Credit: Claire Mischker)

first cookout 13

Note to self: days of running around with the kids of Water Valley is a sure-fire way to get a little quiet time on the weekends.


Dave’s school held their 4th annual egg drop. It’s a little science experiment wherein the kids must build a box that will secure an egg to keep it from breaking during a fall. If their egg survived the fall, they got special little ribbons. David and Stu created the cushiest container EVER (consisting of a plastic Easter egg, a ziplock bag, a small box, and about half a roll of toilet paper.)


Success! David’s egg was safe and sound inside his little box. The fake smile is a sure-fire indication of his excitement over his success.


Stuart and I chaired the 7th annual OUS Eagle’s Classic golf tournament this year. It was a stressful process, but the whole thing went really well. We raised right at $4,000!


The last weekend of April was Double Decker Festival in Oxford, and the final show of one our favorite Oxford bands, Blue Mountain.



Dave broke it DOWN to “Midnight in Mississippi, which was super fun to watch. I love that he enjoys music just as much as Stuart and I do.


Being the social butterfly he is, he made a new friend while we were there. Nothing brings kids together like the joy of Minecraft.


We had planned to go the Dave Matthews concert the next day, but the threat of bad weather forced us to sell our tickets to some friends. Instead, we went to Memphis, had lunch with Mom and Aunt Connie, then hit the bowling alley.



That night, he had a surprise visit from a couple of his friends, which also featured a Minecraft session. Not surprising.


Stuart and I celebrated our 8th anniversary this month, too. He took me to tapas at Ravine where we ordered half the menu (I’m not exaggerating.) It was nice to have a night with just the two of us. Those are few and far between these days!


And, once again, here are your obligatory animal photos.

I was working one morning and heard several crashes and clatterings. This is what I saw upon entering the dining room. The cats had been playing on the dining room table and the table-cloth slipped out from under them. Everything that was on the table fell on the floor.




IMG_5086 - Copy


This is our fish tank. The giant pleco in the top left corner is Darth Vader. He’s nearly as old as David, and it seems sometimes like he’s about the same size. Dude is HUGE.



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