Celebrating Summer

May was a busy month! With the school year coming to a close and the temperatures rising, it was a wonderful month to celebrate in the great outdoors. There were water slides and airplanes and camping trips and lots of friends to help us kick off summer.

David’s final pinewood derby race was held this month. He placed in his pack race in March, and that qualified him to race in the district race in April. He placed 10th there, which qualified him for the council race in Tupelo. There were 10 heats to qualify for a trophy and David qualified on the very last heat. We were all so nervous for him! He placed 10th overall, and was the only Tiger scout (first year scout) to qualify!

And just when we thought we couldn’t be any prouder of him during the race, THIS happened:

The scout leader was asking the kids who placed 2nd and 3rd if they were happy with their race and each of them said that no, they were disappointed they didn’t win first place (even though their trophies were taller than they were). As we were leaving, David looked at us and said, “Well, at least I got a trophy!” Even in last place he was appreciative of his achievement. It made Stuart and I both SO PROUD.


We celebrated Mother’s Day with a lovely day at home. Stu made an awesome dinner–lobster, steak, stuffed mushrooms, and salad–and we all spent the day enjoying each other’s company. It was quite lovely.


Claire, one of my best girls, scored her PhD this month. There was lots of celebrating (read champagne guzzling), and we got to hang out with her family, who are all quite wonderful people. The Seamans are so proud of her gigantic accomplishment! We hope she’s rich soon so we can spend some quality time with her on her yacht. In the Caribbean. What?

claire grad

Stu had his annual Mancation this month. The boys spent a few days camping on Spring River in Hardy, Arkansas. Occasionally, I think I’d like to be a fly on the wall for these adventures, but then I think I’m probably better off not knowing what they’re doing OR talking about.


On top of being better off not knowing what they’re up to, I got to sleep next to another very handsome man while he was gone.  Dave and I watched Jumanji, Madagascar, and E.T. He said Jumanji freaked him out so he needed to sleep in my room. I obliged. He also said that his favorite part of E.T. was the cuss words. Clearly he’s my kid.


The Tiger Scouts were invited to a cookout by the Wolves, so we hit the park for burgers and dogs and cake and water balloons. The water balloons didn’t last very long, so the kids were filling up bottles and cups and whatever else they could find to splash each other.


First grade had their final field trip of the year. Mr. Doug gave them a tour of the University-Oxford Airport, then they hit the park with Miss Kim for a little R&R. There were secret decoder books and popsicles and nature walks. The kiddos had a great time.



The school’s end of the year party was a hit with Dave. I mean, what about a giant, bouncy water slide is unlikable?!


I mean, unless you’re the best guy in the world who feels obligated to monitor the kids so they don’t kill each other, it’s a perfectly wonderful time!


The last day of school was emotional for me this year! David had such a wonderful year in the first grade, and his teacher was just the best. He’s grown so much this year, and we owe so much of it to Miss Kim’s patience and wisdom. She’s been such a gift to our family, and we ADORE her. The school year ended with an Award’s Day program, where he received medals and certificates for Headmaster’s Honor Roll (straight As), perfect attendance, Spanish poster contest, and the Snicker’s Award (for always making first grade laugh). So, so proud of our little dude.


The first day of summer vacation was filled with friends. We got to see the Stricklands…


And hang out with Captain…


And play video games with Ashton and Cameron.


And then we went camping! At Tishomingo! Again!


We needed a cooler that would hold all our food, so we bought this one. Surely that’s big enough, right?




This time around, one of our favorite families went with us. It was the first camping experience for the Stricklands, but it was a smashing success! And that means that there’ll be lots more Seaman/Strickland camping trips in our future. That makes us happy!








After we dropped the van at the shop on Tuesday, we went out for a little frozen yogurt and shoe shopping. It was nice to spend the afternoon with the boys in the middle of the afternoon on a work day.


Finally, Stuart started watching the Star Trek movies with Dave. As you can tell from this photo, taken during the viewing, David thinks it’s riveting material.


We can’t wait to see what the rest of summer has in store!

And now, as usual, your obligatory furball photos.




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