We did SO. MUCH. STUFF. in August. We knew the summer was dwindling, and that the fun would end soon, so we tried to make the most of it.

We spent a lot of time at the lake. We found a new camping area and swim beach at Enid Lake that’s much quieter than the ones we’ve been using. And it got really hot this month, so it was a great way to cool off.

We also got David’s LEGOs organized. He didn’t spend much time playing with them anymore because it was so hard to find pieces in the 4 giant drawers we were using. I bought a bunch of plastic tubs and we spent a few days separating them out. Now he spends hours building cool stuff!


I hosted a Hen Party this month. Lots of girlfriends and their kiddos came over for snacks and drinks and pool time. It was a lovely way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.


David had a sleepover with his friend, Tommy. They stayed up super late playing LEGOs and video games. We started a new sleepover tradition: popcorn and cookie dough! They loved it! (And I’m not complaining because, hey, cookie dough!) Stu and I went to bed early fully expecting them to pass out not long after. But I woke up at 3:15 and David was still awake playing video games! They were both a little cranky the next morning, but recovered in time to spend the afternoon at the lake.


One of my best girls moved back to town after spending TOO LONG in Virginia. We celebrated her return with lots of food and drinks and good conversation. I missed this lady!


I stole the school library from our curriculum coordinator and started cataloging all their books. I know you’re probably asking yourself how this classifies as a “fun summer activity”, but y’all KNOW that I have OCD, so organizing things makes me happy.


A family emergency took me to Memphis for a few days, and I got to spend some time with Mama and Aunt Connie. As usual, the time was filled with food and jokes and general merriment. And the emergency had a happy ending.


Boy Scouts started up again last week, and the popcorn sales came right along with it. David was the MASTER popcorn salesman. He sold 15 packs of popcorn in a little over an hour. He was ROCKIN’ it! He certainly got his ability to schmooze from his saleslady mom.


Football season is finally here, and that means FANTASY FOOTBALL! We had our draft at Orndorff Manor, and I’m fairly happy with my team. It could be better, but I have an excellent record in our league, so I’m feeling good about my chances.

And now, a very special edition of Adorable Animal Photos:

This adorable little creature is Maggie. I almost ran over her in the Walgreens parking lot one morning this month. I tried to take her to the Humane Society, but they were closed, so she came home with me. We posted her cute little mug all over Facebook and filled out a found dog report with the Humane Society, but no one has stepped up to claim her. So now she’s the newest member of our family. And David ADORES her. They’re already BFFs. The cats hate her, but I’m hoping they come around soon.


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