We did SO. MUCH. STUFF. in August. We knew the summer was dwindling, and that the fun would end soon, so we tried to make the most of it.

We spent a lot of time at the lake. We found a new camping area and swim beach at Enid Lake that’s much quieter than the ones we’ve been using. And it got really hot this month, so it was a great way to cool off.

We also got David’s LEGOs organized. He didn’t spend much time playing with them anymore because it was so hard to find pieces in the 4 giant drawers we were using. I bought a bunch of plastic tubs and we spent a few days separating them out. Now he spends hours building cool stuff!


I hosted a Hen Party this month. Lots of girlfriends and their kiddos came over for snacks and drinks and pool time. It was a lovely way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.


David had a sleepover with his friend, Tommy. They stayed up super late playing LEGOs and video games. We started a new sleepover tradition: popcorn and cookie dough! They loved it! (And I’m not complaining because, hey, cookie dough!) Stu and I went to bed early fully expecting them to pass out not long after. But I woke up at 3:15 and David was still awake playing video games! They were both a little cranky the next morning, but recovered in time to spend the afternoon at the lake.


One of my best girls moved back to town after spending TOO LONG in Virginia. We celebrated her return with lots of food and drinks and good conversation. I missed this lady!


I stole the school library from our curriculum coordinator and started cataloging all their books. I know you’re probably asking yourself how this classifies as a “fun summer activity”, but y’all KNOW that I have OCD, so organizing things makes me happy.


A family emergency took me to Memphis for a few days, and I got to spend some time with Mama and Aunt Connie. As usual, the time was filled with food and jokes and general merriment. And the emergency had a happy ending.


Boy Scouts started up again last week, and the popcorn sales came right along with it. David was the MASTER popcorn salesman. He sold 15 packs of popcorn in a little over an hour. He was ROCKIN’ it! He certainly got his ability to schmooze from his saleslady mom.


Football season is finally here, and that means FANTASY FOOTBALL! We had our draft at Orndorff Manor, and I’m fairly happy with my team. It could be better, but I have an excellent record in our league, so I’m feeling good about my chances.

And now, a very special edition of Adorable Animal Photos:

This adorable little creature is Maggie. I almost ran over her in the Walgreens parking lot one morning this month. I tried to take her to the Humane Society, but they were closed, so she came home with me. We posted her cute little mug all over Facebook and filled out a found dog report with the Humane Society, but no one has stepped up to claim her. So now she’s the newest member of our family. And David ADORES her. They’re already BFFs. The cats hate her, but I’m hoping they come around soon.

July: #ssvacation2013

We had an AWESOME July!

It started out with #ssvacation2013 to the Seaman family cabin in New York with The Strickland 5. We made the trip in two days, stopping for the night in Polaris, Ohio, where I met one of the best friends I’ve never met. MK and I have been good friends on Facebook for a couple of years, but had never met in person because we’re so far apart. Meeting her was definitely the highlight of the trip!



We lounged, swam, fished, ate all the food, read A LOT, took boat rides (where the kids got to swim in water 88 feet deep!), and generally enjoyed each other’s company. It’d take too long to tell you about it all, so here’s a gallery of my favorite photos from the trip. You can see all our vacation photos on my Flikr page.





Joyful June

The summer has kept me so busy that I’ve gotten behind on my posts! It’s almost July and I haven’t even written June’s blog post for the love of Pete! Never fear; I shall now get you caught up on all our adventures.

The biggest news of June? David got the remote control car he’s been saving up for. He used his birthday money, Christmas money, and 6 months allowance to buy this monstrosity. He nearly drove us crazy waiting for it to get here. We told him when the expected arrival date was, and I’m not sure if that was a good or bad decision because every morning when he woke up he looked at the calendar and told me exactly how many days were left until it showed up the door. I heard about all the things he was going to do with his car when it arrived MULTIPLE times a day, and just when I was ready to ban all discussions regarding RC cars it showed up on our doorstep–a couple of days early! WHEW!

He and his dad took it for a test spin at the Crawford Sports Complex as soon as the battery was fully charged. We wanted to make sure there was plenty of space for him to learn to drive it. (It does 35 mph!) I assumed it’d take some time for him to learn how to control it, but it only took a few days before he got the hang of it and now he’s the Kyle Busch of RC car world. (KB is his favorite NASCAR driver).





In other big news, I’ve been dieting since January, and I’m halfway to my goal! I’ve lost 10 pounds. The picture on the left is me at Christmas, and the one on the right is me last month. I’m proud of myself because I honestly didn’t think I had the will power to stick to it, but with the help of some really supportive, motivational friends I’m getting the job done. Thanks, ladies!




Crochet update: I finally finished the blanket I’ve been working on since Christmas! It was my first attempt at blankets and granny squares. It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty proud of it. Now, if only Christmas would come around again so I can actually display/use it without feeling weird. Heh.



I’ve started another project, and hopefully it won’t take me so long to finish it. That prospect isn’t looking so good currently, though, because I’ve been so busy reading this summer that crochet has sort of been put on the back burner.


Stuart bought a new vacuum cleaner because the “maid” (I use that term very loosely since she was probably the worst cleaning lady in the history of cleaning ladies) broke ours. That normally wouldn’t be newsworthy information, but since David offered to vacuum for me I wanted to record it for posterity. I’ll want to use this photo in the future to either 1. bribe him in his teenage years, or 2. prove to his wife someday that I really DID try to teach him to help around the house.



We camped with Tony and Beverly at Trace State Park and had a wonderful time. The weather was absolutely amazing; it wasn’t ridiculously hot like it usually is this time of year, and we had a really great campsite. We’ve amassed a huge amount of camping gear, so we’re no longer roughing it. Stuart and GR call it #fancycamping.



We used the GIANT driveway at our site to draw our version of Chicago with sidewalk chalk. The two major landmarks in our city are the Willis Tower (Sears Tower for you old school folks) and Steven and Kim’s house. Chalkago came to life as we drove matchbox cars, construction vehicles, and emergency vehicles all over town.


Nighttime was especially fun at Trace. We put out all our festive solar lights, sat by the fire, made popcorn, played camping bingo, and explored the cosmos on our Night Sky app.


Stu put up the hammock he bought me for my birthday. I relaxed with Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol (which I HIGHLY recommend) and Stu’s champagne sangria. Dave occasionally lounged with me and took every opportunity I wasn’t in the hammock to swing by himself.




That Sunday was Father’s Day, and Dave and I made pancakes for everyone at breakfast. They came in a variety of shapes and sizes, including stars, trucks, houses, hearts, and tanks!



David wanted to do something special for Stuart, so we made “Dad!” pancakes.


He was so cute when he gave them to his dad. (Check out his adorable little nervous, curled toes.)



We also framed this picture of us so Stuart could put it on his desk at work.





While Stu and I packed up the camper, Tony took David for a ride in the origami canoe. No, I’m not kidding. It folds up into a square when you’re not using it. It’s pretty awesome.



Stuart went to Philly in June for a business meeting, so David and I were left to our own devices for a few days. I had porch drinks with Claire and updated the pictures around the house (which served as an awesome reminder of a wonderful life I’m living). Dave and I had some pool time, played a lot of UNO (he schools me regularly), and watched nearly every episode of Mysteries at the Museum.







Dave got to sleep in my room while Dad was away. I read him Bad Kitty Takes a Bath every night before bed. Just look at that cute kid all passed out. Does it get any more adorable than this? I think not.




And now, June’s adorable animal photos:

While Claire was in Disney World we took care of Dug and Nico. David’s favorite part of this job was playing with all Liam’s matchbox cars.




Squeaky gets cozy. Under a blanket. In June. In Mississippi. Even though she’s already covered in fur. I don’t know what she was thinking, but she was adorable anyway.





While Claire and I had our porch drinks, Big Kitty made a lengthy appearance and demanded all the attention. If you know Big Kitty at all, you know his disdain for the human race, so this event must be documented.



Squeaky protested the joining of granny squares, mainly because it didn’t involve her getting scratched behind the ears being otherwise spoiled rotten.



David saved a turtle from certain death at the hands of the Wood Street Racers by retrieving him from the middle of the road and putting him in our yard.


March (or When Winter Finally Comes to Mississippi)

It’s springtime in Mississippi! The sun is shining, the birds are singing–oh, wait, that’s not right at all! It was freezing in March. And rainy. And a teeny bit snowy. And like Grumpy Cat, this is how I feel about the weather around here.


We still had an awesome month. We went to Memphis to hang out with the Stricklands and had a great time. The boys played golf, the girls drank sangria, and the kids played with the neighbors in the back yard.




The first Monday of spring break, while David was camping with his grandparents, Stuart and I went to Memphis. Stu had a business meeting, so I got to lay around in the hotel, read, nap, eat sushi, and spend two uninterrupted hours in a bookstore. It was bliss.



We met the elder Seamans at Grenada Lake the last weekend of spring break. It was our first camping trip of 2013 and the weather was exceptional. Mild (though super windy) during the day, and fairly chilly at night; we even got a little sunburned!



I finally mastered the art of the granny square. Starting in the center was really confusing to me at first, but once I got the hang of it, I turned into a mad woman!



I also had the honor of watching my dear friend, Claire, speak at a panel on gender studies at the Isom Center. She was brilliant (and she’s also now a doctor)!


The district pinewood derby was in March. David did a great job. He placed 10th and qualified for the council race in Tupelo in May.




David got to sleep over at a friend’s house. They stayed up super late, and he was like a zombie the next day. Once we got home from the derby and grocery shopping, he napped for the first time in like 4 years.

IMG_4924[1]However, he did have an earlier than usual bedtime once.  We were watching American Idol at some point this month, and Dave fell asleep in the chair with me. Then Squeaky fell asleep on top of David. Adorbs.


We had our annual crawfish boil last weekend. There were lots of libations and even more crawfish. We had a great day hanging out with friends.




We rounded out the month with an awesome Easter. David got to spend the weekend with his Grandma, Aunt Connie, and Aunt Louie. They went to see The Croods and hunted eggs at Bellvue. He racked up on Easter goodies; the Bunny visited both Grandma’s house AND ours.





And now, your fun animal photos.





Ringing in the New Year

This was a New Year’s Eve of firsts!

This year, Stuart, ever the pyromaniac, decided that this was the year he’d pass on his knowledge to David, who has never been more excited about anything in his life.  Now, I know that it’s actually daytime in these pictures, but we knew it was going to storm after dark.  So, in broad daylight, the boys set out to blow up all the things.


New adventures require the Indy hat. And sometimes, wellies.



This was also the first year that David was allowed to stay up until midnight, so I made some fun activities for him and some friends who were at the party we attended. I put little activities in these cute little bags and we did one each hour until midnight.


We started with a movie and popcorn, which lasted for about 30 minutes before the kids were tired of sitting still. Later, we made party hats and noisemakers to use to ring in 2013.



By the time the third craft rolled around, we were all pretty much over the crafting, so we went outside to start the fireworks extravaganza. In a constant drizzle–the weather was just atrocious once it got dark.


We took Dave home just after midnight, even though he swore he wasn’t the least bit sleepy. It took him about 30 seconds to pass out after he got in bed.

It was quite a lovely way to ring in the new year!