A Different Kind of Song

My child is an electronic genius. He knows which remote goes to the cable and which one is for the DVD player. He can play LML’s racing game and golf on the XBOX. He also knows how to turn my iPod on. He’ll listen to one song and dance for a minute, then he’ll say “A different kind of song, Mama.” and he’ll skip forward to the next song. He even knows how to turn the volume up and down…on an iPod…he’s two and half…it’s just craziness. But he’s so cute that it’s unreal! Here’s your daily dose, Connie. Pictures of the wonder boy!

I didn’t really get anything done today, but I did win a new pair of Seven jeans on Ebay. Ha! I didn’t get up off the couch until 4 this afternoon when David got up from his nap. Thursdays rule!


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